Wearable Tech for Military


Since the company’s inception, AlphaMicron has been particularly focused on ballistic, liquid crystal eye protection for the military.

Today, all ballistic eyewear sold in the market expects the user to physically change the lens prior to entering the different environments. In urban warfare, the warfighter experiences ambient lighting that varies from full sun to a building with a fluorescent light and he/she is expected to transition between these environments without hesitation or delay. The protective eyewear for full sun will significantly diminish the capability of the fighter and jeopardize his/her safety. In modern warfare, it is imperative to provide the warfighter with equipment and gear that provides them with the asymmetric edge in combat zones.

Military-grade performance means extensive ballistic testing of select materials that maximize protection and minimize weight. AlphaMicron has produces thousands of prototypes to achieve the best optical quality for a clear vision of the surrounding world. e-Tint® Military products can be manually and automatically controlled so you will never have to worry about swapping your eyewear, no matter what the conditions on the field may be. AMI provides the world’s fastest switching products, so you never have to worry about your eyewear responding slower than you. Products are made in USA and suitable for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, SWAT teams, and all branches of the Armed Forces and Home Land Security.



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