AlphaMicron Liquid Crystals

Liquid Crystals

So, what are liquid crystals and why are they used in displays? Liquid crystals (LC) are a type of material that simultaneously behave like a liquid, in that they can can flow really fast. Since they are in fact, a crystal, they have exciting optical properties like gemstones. This unique combination makes liquid crystal materials ideal for display technology. AlphaMicron’s world-renowned chemistry group has developed cutting edge liquid crystal materials to create the highest performing systems available today. Our LC technology is the basis of multiple product lines, including: optical shutters, privacy windows, and the digital lenses used in the first commercial liquid crystal eyewear.

Our high-performance dichroic dyes exhibit the highest order parameter in the world, which translates to optimum performance. This unprecedented accomplishment enables our e-Tint® technology to meet strict transmission specifications for U.S. Air Force daytime use.

Our scattering devices also utilize AlphaMicron’s proprietary materials, proven to withstand extreme heat and intense UV exposure. The scattering device’s rock solid stability makes the technology a top choice for mission critical components in demanding environments such as wafer inspection systems and smokestack pollution control equipment.