AlphaMicron Technologies


AlphaMicron is a pioneer in scientific discovery, research and engineering.

AlphaMicron is world-renowned for our pioneering work with liquid crystals, film processing, and chemicals. Together, these technologies have led to breakthroughs in wearable tech.

AlphaMicron Liquid Crystals

Liquid Crystals

So, what are liquid crystals and why are they used in displays? Liquid crystals (LC) are a type of material Read More

AlphaMicron Film Processing

Film Processing

Functional films enhance the capabilities and performance of our technology by integrating features such as scratch resistance, anti-fog, and anti-reflection. Read More



AlphaMicron’s liquid crystal technology is simply the world’s best performing light control system.  Through diligent research, AMI has advanced liquid Read More

AlphaMicron Specialty Chemicals


AlphaMicron’s world-renowned chemistry group specializes in the design, synthesis, and formulation of ultra-pure organic materials including dichroic dyes, photochromic dyes, Read More