CTRL® Eyewear by e-Tint®

The world’s fastest tint changing eyewear, CTRL Eyewear® is an all-in- one solution for multiple weather types. No dangerous moves required to adapt to changing light. Hands-off solution for changing sunglasses for optimal vision.


Convenience: Change tint manually or automatically
Speed: Switches in 0.1 second between two different tint stages
Control: Adjust the threshold for switching in automatic mode
In automatic mode, no need to lift hands from the handlebar when entering tunnels.
In case of power failure, lens goes clear.
ANSI z87.1 Impact resistance
ANSI z87.1 Impact resistance
ANSI z80.3 optical performance
100% UV blocking


  • Adjustable nose and temples pads for perfect fit
  • Color and lens available in the color of your choice
  • Prescription add-on available to enhance sight


The Akari® liquid crystal visor insert is the world’s first motorcycle visor insert with electronic tint on demand. The patented liquid crystal technology e-Tint® enables the rider to instantly change tint in less than 1/10th of a second, improving rider visibility and reducing eye strain in rapidly changing light conditions. Complete control over your tint with the touch of a button – mounted to the outside of the face shield- or automatically. The visor provides outstanding Anti-fog capability.

Now riders may easily install an insert onto their existing visor and eliminate the need to carry extra visors or wear sunglasses inside their helmet. With built-in Antifog capability, riding just became easier.