Absorptive, Reflective, Scattering

Office buildings, schools, homes, are where we spend the bulk of our time. The windows in
these facilities are solely designed to provide light. To block lights, we introduce additional
mechanical items such as curtains and shutters. These systems are archaic and not compatible with the
current requirements and needs.

To achieve the goal of obtaining a zero-energy building where the building does not require power from the grid, it is essential to have windows that alter their solar heat gain coefficient. This need has spun off companies trying to present this product. AlphaMicron is uniquely positioned to provide a film that can be retro-fitted into an existing window and provide low power, instantaneous control over a windows solar heat gain coefficient. More interestingly, it can provide a window that can change its color to alter the lighting in a room to better match the person’s need; and in the process, reduce both heating and cooling as well as lighting costs.

In addition to the above, it is now clear that in certain cases it is imperative to be able to limit or eliminate light transmission through a window. With the increase in demand for security in schools and colleges, covering windows in an active shooter situation is now part of the protocol. To be able to remotely achieve this through a police department, head master, or other staff will be a huge step forward in protecting kids in these situations.