AlphaMicron (AMI®) is a pioneer in scientific discovery, research, and engineering.

Their innovations and discoveries in the field of liquid crystals are applied towards product development and manufacturing for both government and commercial clients. AMI was founded in 1996 to specifically create a technology for the Department of Defense, giving the warfighter electronic control over the tint of their eyewear.

While working with the Air Force on a head mounted display program, AlphaMicron developed a unique technology that can change the tint, or color, of a lens within the blink of an eye. This electronic tint-on-demand technology, e-Tint®, is the only technology that can address the challenges of varying light and weather conditions.

AMI has received funding from Air Force, Army, Navy, and SOCOM to be reduced to practice and now offers an array of e-Tint® products including, ballistic goggles and sunglasses, motorcycle visor inserts, automotive and avionic window and mirror applications, and medical and protective eyewear. This revolutionary material is made in U.S.A. and is engineered, designed, and manufactured from its headquarters in Kent, Ohio.