Mixed Mode Liquid Crystal Systems

Mixed Mode Systems

It is, at times, highly desirable to have a system that can exhibit multiple modes within the same liquid crystal material. An example of this is to have a scattering device that exhibits absorbance to provide a unique color. Or, alternatively, a reflective device that can switch between transparent, absorptive, and reflective states.

These types of systems are very challenging to accomplish. However, AlphaMicron has developed and patented a number of multi-mode solutions which can switch between absorbing and/or scattering and/or reflective systems. The performance of these modes can be tailored for each specific application.

One application of such a system is for correcting lazy eye or “amblyopia” – where an electronically controlled lens that darkens or scatters light can act like an “eye-patch” to train the lazy eye.

Fun Fact

Bus garage! AlphaMicron was first housed in the garage of an incubator! Within 5 years, AlphaMicron had completely taken over the entire incubator. In 2009, with the expansion of its research and development facility into production, it relocated to its current location – which was originally a Kent State University bus garage!

It now houses 3 class 1000 cleanrooms, chemistry, laser, materials, and electronics labs as well as a ISO 9001-2008 compliant production line, QA, testing, and shipping facility.