Light Scattering Liquid Crystals

Scattering Liquid Crystals

Light scattering occurs when there are domains with different average refractive indices. This can be made to occur in liquid crystal systems. The most common methods are Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLCs), cholesteric focal conic texture and field induced dynamic scattering. Each system has its own advantages and associated disadvantage – each of which can be exploited for a particular application. These systems are typically considered for light shuttering applications such as privacy windows.

AlphaMicon has active programs and material for each system. In addition to conventional use of these material, AlphaMicron has developed medical applications. An example is eyewear which can help children with amblyopia to train their eyes to overcome this issues.

Fun Fact

Company folklore: There is a rubber plant that had just a few leaves when the company started in 1997. It has steadily grown in step with AlphaMicron’s expansion, and is revered as a company mascot. Now, it almost doesn’t fit under the new facility’s tall ceiling!