Packaging the AX12


The latest shipment of the Akari® AX12  is going out. The orders were packaged by hand with a methodical assembly-line style. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the packing process.



Here are all of the pieces that go into the packaging. On the top left is the AX12 Owner’s Manual. The top middle is the insert card, which has the product information and company logo. On the top right is the clam-shell packaging that the product goes into. Below we have the USB charger. Next to it is the button that will turn the visor on and off. The visor insert is on the left, and below is the installation template.



First, the charger and the button are both placed into the clam-shell, which has special compartments for them.



The insert card opens up, and the Owner’s Manual, installation template, and visor insert are tucked inside.



The filled insert is placed on top of the charger and button, and the clam-shell is closed. It is then sealed and ready for shipment.